A director is a representative of Nogal Women Properties Investors in different entities in USA, people from different backgrounds interested in this branch, who is in charge of locating, communicating, presenting the offer and in general, being a link between the company and the owner or the Real Estate agent in their area of action.

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Nogal Women Properties Investors

Are you restless and interested in the acquisition and marketing of properties?

Nogal Women Properties Investors

Aimed at directors:

You are interested in the acquisition and commercialization of properties and you have the opportunity and time toyou have the opportunity and the time to integrate yourself to collaborate with innovative and growinginnovative and growing companies in the field of real estate investments,we are confident that Nogal Women Properties Investors offers you an excellent opportunity foropportunity for action..

We offer you the following areas of opportunity:

– Join the corporate board of directors to keep us in permanent communication with you.

– Be an exclusive director in your entity, which you will delimit according to your needs of time and circumstances.

– Maintain a direct and open communication channel exclusively for you in order to contact us in a timely manner to make through you, the offer and purchase of homes in your area.

– To offer you an adequate percentage in each one of the transactions at the moment they are carried out.

– As a team member you will receive a commission when Nogal Women Properties Investors sells the house.

We assure you of a secure, personal and quality service.

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