Share the life in San Francisco!

Some writers say that life is a sigh but for those of us who have lived more than five decades it is a reality. We are grateful, since not all of us have the opportunity to live during all this time, which has also been rich in experiences and transitions of all kinds, scientific, technological, social and ecological.

And within this trajectory, knowing and experiencing life in San Francisco has been one of the most wonderful experiences I have had and no doubt those who know this beautiful city will agree.

San Francisco is a city that, by antonomasia, keeps its own architectural and cultural style in terms of its first buildings and nowadays it has been preserved with enough gallantry.

In addition, it is recognized as the freest city in terms of cultural and social expressions that are completely open in every way.
Commercial activity is thriving and is mainly focused on the development of technology, especially software and hardware, which is exported all over the world.

The housing is generally classic, artistic and baroque, with a design that raises as axis and facade design, the exterior staircase, adding the geometric projections in the second floor extensions, located in the social areas, with integrated viewpoints, especially those with ocean view.

The standard of living in San Francisco is high, and so is the housing. This city is ranked among the most expensive cities in the world, which by the way this list is headed by New York City and for those in the know, San Francisco is on par with that city, in terms of standard of living and cost of living.

Among the tourist sites to visit in this beautiful city are the famous Golde Gate, the prison and Alcatraz Island, the Twin Pines Park lookout, Fisherman Wars, Pier 39, Painted Ladies and the Okland Bridge, to mention a few of the almost forty sites, not to mention the great avenues of long slopes as Lombard

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