Share the life in San Francisco!

Written by Arquitect Gloria Mogel

San Francisco Bay is a peninsular area, located on the west coast of the state of California, and is one of the most beautiful areas of the American territory. California, and is one of the most beautiful areas of the American territory, is considered an estuary 1 , since it is the area where two large considered an estuary 1 , since it is the area where two large rivers arrive: Sacramento and San Joaquinthat flow to the Pacific Ocean, coming from the Sierra Nevada.

The San Francisco Bay The San Francisco Bay is a series of interconnected bays, Napa, San Pablo, and finally, all of these areall of these are integrally identified as San Francisco Bay.It is surrounded by an adjacent region known as the San Francisco Bay Area.and in it the main cities are San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose. It is made up of nine countiesnine counties: Alameda, Contra Costa, Napa, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano, Sonoma and San Francisco,Sonoma and San Francisco, occupying an area of approximately 7,000 square miles. square miles.

It is a very beautiful area with diverse climates, in each one of the counties and its main attractions are itsmain attractions are its excellent beaches such as Baker, China, Marshalls, Ocean,Funston, Crissy, Mile Rock, and Moss. Beaches recognized and some with waves for surfing.surfing.Other attractions in the area and scattered throughout the nine counties can be found, excellent international restaurants, grocery stores and shopping malls.To enjoy, it is essential to visitSausalito, which is a city of recreation, located inlocated in Marin County, Ca. Marin County, Ca., just outside the city of San Francisco, on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge. you will be able to observe floating houses built by exiled artists from the Second World War. World War II.

Not to mention the Marin Headlands not to mention the Marin Headlands, which offers exhibits on Houseboats, Sausalito, CA. Google waterways and visits to the Golden Gate Bridge. Sausalito is a must-see for those who come to San Francisco to savor the exquisite exquisite seafood based food. Undoubtedly, the bay as such, offers a great variety of habitat and employment possibilities, both for its extension and its and jobs, both for its extension, as well as for its multiplicity of locations and businesses. It is a city that will offer to the passerby and to its inhabitants, diverse amusement and gourmet at affordable prices. We are waiting for you!